about us

Melior is a niche recruitment company specializing in Operations Management for the Belgian industry.

Who are we ?

Melior has more than 15 years of experience in the recruitment of Operations Management professionals for the Belgian industry. Human capital is the beating heart of an organization. Thanks to our specialization and Belgian, local footprint, Melior can support its clients with more complex recruitment issues, by quickly and qualitatively finding the right people. Rather interested in internal support? Then click here.

What do we do ?

Permanent recruitment

From high potentials to senior management, we provide employees of all levels within a manufacturing context. What drives us? Seeing professionals grow over the years, creating impact on the key operating parameters of a manufacturing company.

Permanent jobs

Interim management and project consulting

Do you need support with current or planned projects? Are you rather looking for a quick solution due to the unexpected absence of an employee? For the supply of temporary professionals, we rely on our network of independent consultants as well as our own project consultants.

Interim jobs

What do we stand for ?


Working with Melior means working with expert consultants in the field. Our focus on operations management ensures that you have a true business partner. We are familiar with the structures, concepts and processes of a manufacturing environment and, through the years, have built a strong network of employers and employees. All this ensures that we are able to fill every vacancy in a result-oriented way. We are aware of the bottlenecks and we know how we can be complementary with the people and organizations we work with.

Sustainable partnerships

Over the years, we have seen the recruitment sector evolve towards a model that requires a clear added value of the recruiter. We are comfortable with this evolution. Melior chooses for long-term partnerships. Behind a CV there is a person, behind a vacancy an entire organization. We are happy to invest in you because we are confident this will give long-term results. Our personal approach ensures that we can develop sustainable partnerships with our clients and candidates.

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